Gordon Radford

Gordon Radford was born in Oldham in 1936. He attended Oldham School of Art between 1951 and 1953, where he studied under Jack Paterson. He trained as a designer until 1957, when he became an Engineer. Gordon was possessed of enormous talent and he continued painting throughout his time as an engineer.

His chief influences were John Singer Sargent, Alfred Munnings and Edward Seago and this is evident in his work. He exhibited throughout the North-West and became a Member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts in the 1970's. For many years he exhibited at the Royal Society of Painters in Oils in London.

His work has been bought by Sir Ian McKellen, Rochdale Art Gallery and the Astley Cheetham Gallery in Staleybridge. Gordon paints with great sensitivity, he is a brilliant colourist and his depiction of sunlight is quite remarkable.

To own a painting by Gordon Radford is a singular honour. The subjects of his paintings are very varied -- views of Venice, landscapes, still lives, portraits, architectural subjects, lavish interiors, topographical views at home and abroad, shorescapes etc.etc,

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