Richard Clare

Richard Clare was born in 1964 and trained in graphic design. However, he soon turned to painting, devoting himself exclusively at first to the rolling landscapes of Northern England. As he developed as an artist, he widened his horizons and was soon painting in Scotland and producing dazzling landscapes of Tuscany. Above all, Richard is a colourist, employing rich oranges, reds, yellows, greens and blues to marvellous effect. His pictures are both exciting and uplifting; they are bold, colourful, well-crafted and inspiring. As his fame increased and his sales multiplied, he was able to give up regular employment and devote himself to painting full-time.

Her approach to the subjects is unique and the results are humorous, cleverly observed and always very sympathetic.

He has exhibited at the Salford Art Gallery, Bury Art Gallery, Stockport Art Gallery, Mall Galleries, London and the Derwent Gallery, Derbyshire. He has had one-man shows at the Blyth Gallery, Manchester, the Wendy Levy Gallery, Manchester, the Reubens Gallery, Leeds and other galleries in the North-West. In the Laing National Art Competition, Richard's picture was selected as the favourite picture at the Chairman's Preview. He received the Janet Bewick Award at the Salford Art Club in 2001 and 2002.

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