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Artists profiles


A talented artist whose draughtsmanship is admirable, and his subjects are appealing - a fine colourist.

Photo of Artist- Lucy Manfredi

An amazing artist with a God-given talent to create images which, because of the way she applies the paint, gives the illusion of detail.


A master painter, whose talent is astonishing. His pedigree is admirable and he certainly knows how to handle the paint to full effect.

Buying Artwork

All payments are taken within the gallery or by special arrangement

Contact: David Gunning

Tel: 01706 814 723

It’s advisable to call ahead, in case we are out collecting artists work.


A fine artist who loves colour, and whose works sparkle. He handles paint and colour beautifully. He is also very knowledgeable about 20th century British Art.


I have been selling Peter Stanaway's works for the past 25-plus years and I have customers who have amassed large collections of his work. He has evolved his own style over the years.


Richard is able to create works, which are full of colour, and sparkle with light. I have been selling his work for many years.


New to my gallery but I have every confidence that he will become a major Northern artist, as he captures the harshness of the mill towns up North, and the hardships of the miners working underground.

Art advice

Throughout the past 40+ years, we have done our best to guide picture buyers to always buy what they personally love, and not to be dictated to by fashion. We have always endeavoured to sell works that, in our opinion, are of quality, and which will hopefully prove to be a sound investment for the future. Over the years many of our customers have built up substantial collections of fine art, and we pride ourselves that we have always sold works at prices which are fair both to the artists and to the customer.

We are always ready to advise customers, especially those who are new to collecting art, until they are able to understand the quality of works of art. This can be quite a process, but we have found that, with perseverance , they discover their own taste and fix on the artists that give them the most pleasure, because the pleasure of collecting is the number one consideration.